How I run my business for more than 28 years:

1. I call (or email) everyone back. Period. I even reply to customers that call about jobs that I do
not handle, simply to let them know that I cannot help them. I strive to respond the same day,
although this is not always possible. If I am not able to  respond the same day, you can be certain
that you will hear from me the following day. I understand that communication can be the most
important part of any job, large or small.

I start everyday the same way. Neat and clean. My equipment is always ready for the job, and
my truck is always presentable. My equipment is in an orderly fashion on shelves in the truck, so I
know where everything is. Less wasted time means a quicker job completion for you.

My estimates are never "low ball". Never!  My estimates cover every detail and cost of the
job. If there is any chance of additional expense, it will be indicated on the estimate as a possible
You always know how much the job will cost before I start it. Always!

4. Deposits are almost never necessary. While payment in full is due upon completion of the
work, 99% of the jobs I do require no deposit. If the job takes more than one day, we will agree on
a payment schedule prior to starting. I will never ask for the final payment until the job is complete
and you are satisfied with the results.

No high pressure ever. I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with an estimate. I never
require an immediate answer. You are always free to think about it, discuss it with your spouse, or
get other estimates. I never play pricing games. You will always get my best bid (estimate) up front.
I have regular prices for many small jobs which I will gladly quote to you on the phone or via email.

I put everything in writing. There are no misunderstanding because everything is written down
and agreed upon prior to being done.

Payment is due upon completion and your satisfaction of the work, in accordance with any
payment arrangements that we have made. I will never ask for payment before it is due.
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