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Do you have a leaking faucet or an under sink drip or leak? Does your toilet "run", or do you
hear it mysteriously "fill" by itself? How about that
laundry tub sink that you always
wanted? Do you run out of hot water too quickly, or has your
water heater just seen
better days? Is it time to replace that old
sink or that smelly, loud garbage disposal?
I can help you with these things and just about any other plumbing concern you may have
within your home, including the completely new installation of
pipes and fixtures.

Many plumbers will simply attempt to address your problem by replacing the item in
question. Many times this is the best way to proceed, but not always. Very often, I can help
you save money by repairing the item instead of replacing it. I always look to repair
whenever possible,  and replace only when necessary or desired by you. If replacement is
necessary, I can supply the item for you, or I am happy to install what you supply. It's
always up to you.
Give me a call or drop me an email. Estimates are always free, and I am happy to help guide
you with your selections.
Plumbing Work
Kitchen Faucets repaired and installed
Bathroom Faucets repaired and installed
Tub and Shower Faucets repaired and installed
Toilets repaired or replaced
Garbage Disposals replaced
Bathroom Lav. faucets repaired or replaced
Gas or Electric Water Heaters repaired or replaced
Exterior Hose Bibb Faucets repaired or replaced
Bookcases and Shelving units
Ceiling Fans
Attic Stairs
Bathroom  Remodeling
Ceramic Tile
Odd Jobs - Large or Small
Electric Work
Other Assorted Jobs
Custom Closets
Drywall Repair
Doors - Interior or Exterior
Kitchen Remodeling
My Scope of Work Includes:
(but is not limited to)
Plumbing Work
Roth's Handyman Service
...Your Professional Handyman
My Policy
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