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Lawrence Roth
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile is an upgrade in any home. When properly installed, it will last a lifetime
with little or no maintenance. No longer limited to foyers, kitchens and bathrooms,
ceramic tile now can be found in every room of the house. Tile comes in all varieties of
colors, patterns and textures. It was once thought that you wanted small tiles for a
small room. But that is no longer true. Bigger tiles can actually make a small room look
larger. One advantage to larger tiles is that there are fewer grout lines, which
eliminates the checkerboard effect. A popular trend I have been doing for people
lately is to combine various colors of the same tile in order to create patterns on the
floor and walls.
I can help you with ceramic tile repairs, new tile installations, or the replacement of
existing tiles that are past their prime. Bathroom surrounds, walls, floors, counter tops
and back splashes, are just a few of the places that are popular places for ceramic tile.
Please click on some of the pictures below to see some of my recent work. You can also
see additional ceramic tile pictures on my
Bathroom Remodeling page and my Kitchen
Remodeling page.
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