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Bathroom Remodeling
Sometimes, a new vanity, sinktop, and faucet may be all that you need to give your bathroom a new look. Perhaps
a mirror, medicine cabinet, light fixture, or any other accessory. I am happy to help you with the removal and
installation of any of these items. However, if you feel your bathroom is beyond saving, I can also help you with
a complete remodel. I will gut the entire bathroom, and rebuild it from the floor up, and I'll do it
your way. I
am always happy to help you make selections, but
I never forget it is your bathroom. When the job is
finished, you'll say "This is exactly what I wanted".

Since many people prefer to select their own items for their bathroom, all of my estimates include allowances
for things like cabinets, sinktops, faucets, and ceramic tile. These allowances are included in the final price, so
you know how much each item is valued within the final price. If you spend more than the allowance for a
particular item, you would pay the difference. If you spend less than the allowance, I deduct the difference
from the price. Of course, if you prefer to leave the selections to me, I will make appropriate selections base
on your exact instructions and color preferences.

The most cost effective way to do a complete remodel is to keep the layout as it currently is. However, if you
need to move things around, add or remove walls, or expand your bathroom, let me help you plan it out. You may
find that your dream bathroom will cost less than you think!

I have over
33 years of experience remodeling bathrooms locally, and I am happy to provide you with
references upon request. Please click on some of the pictures to look at some of the bathrooms I have
remodeled. As always, I am happy to provide you with any additional information you may need. Simply email or
call me. I am certain that I can answer all of your questions.

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