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Ceiling Fan Information and Prices
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Ceiling fan information and prices per fan are as follows. All prices presume that you supply the
fan, brand new in a box. I install the wiring where needed and install the fan (and balance the
blades if needed). No extra charge for light kits. Ceiling boxes are mounted on existing studs. If a
cross member has to be installed for specific positioning, add $35. per fan.  Drywall work is not
included, but there is usually none needed.

1. Install fan existing ceiling fixture.  $1
50.   (Removal of an existing fan is $25.)
2. Install fan to work from pull chains. No wall switch.  $2
3. Install fan with one wall switch. The switch would control both the fan & light together. The
switch must be on for either the fan or the light to work.   $2
4. Install fan with one plus switch on the wall. This setup has one switch on the wall that
controls the light and a separate power wire for the fan. The fan would be controlled only from
the pull chain. The light would work independently using the wall switch  $2
5. Install fan with two wall switches. One controls the fan and one controls the light.  $3

All of the above assume a 9' ceiling height (or less). Items 2-5 above are all assuming there is an
attic or crawl space above the room. I will also be happy to make use of the existing wall switch
space that is in the room. I can adjust the receptacle connected to it and make it a regular (always
live) receptacle, then install the single or double switch in it's place. No extra charge for this.

For a room without attic access (another room above), I can do a limited installation. What this
means is I run a wire up into the room above. There is no drywall repair required and your ceiling  
stays intact.  When I am done, you end up with a small amount of paint touch up on the baseboard  
molding in the above room. The cost is $3
40. The ceiling fan would be worked from the pull chains.
A wall switch is more difficult and would involve drywall work. I would have to see the room
before I could quote you a price. Another option for this room is to buy a remote control fan. This
would give you full control without having to pull the chains. The price does not change if the
remote control is integrated (built in) to the fan. However, an add on remote control is $30 extra.
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