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Custom Closets
An organized closet means no more wasted time looking for a particular item of
clothing. Everything has a place. It's a great feeling. Below are just some of the
many closets I have reorganized. I can help you make the most out whatever your
closet space may look like. From a large walk in to a small corner closet, custom
shelving means everything in it's place. Get your shoes off the floor with floor to
ceiling shoes shelves, and go from there. Plain smooth edges or custom molding
edges, the choices are yours.
Design your own (a sketch is all I need), cut out pictures from magazines, or allow
me to help you design a closet for you. Either way, we can make the most out of
every inch of closet space you have.
Also, take a look at my
bookcases and shelving page. If you have the room, any
design can be adapted into a closet area.
Double Hanger Bar with 2 shelves above and shoe shelves on the side
Shoe Shelves - Please note the finished edges on the unit
Shelf Units on adjacent walls
Shelves with hanger bar in attic area
Single Hanger Bar with Shelves above
Floor to Ceiling Shoe Shelves with Hanger Bars on the sides
Double Hanger Rods and shoe shelves
Bookcases and Shelving units
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