Here are a few other assorted jobs I can help you with. Garage shelves, handrails and
banisters, fireplace surround kits, and just about any other job that you don't feel like
taking on yourself. It's not possible for me to list every type of job I have done over

the 33 years I have been in business, so if you have one that I haven't listed, please get
in touch. I am always willing to discuss the possibilities, and if by some chance I can't
help you, I may be able to steer you in the right direction.
Contact information:
Lawrence Roth
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Other Assorted Pictures....
Railings and Banisters Installed - Custom Column Work
Garage Utility Shelves
Garage Utility Shelves
Fireplace Surround Kit - You purchase and I install!
Railings and Banisters Installed
Bookcases and Shelving units
Ceiling Fans
Attic Stairs
Bathroom  Remodeling
Ceramic Tile
Odd Jobs - Large or Small
Electric Work
Other Assorted Jobs
Custom Closets
Drywall Repair
Doors - Interior or Exterior
Kitchen Remodeling
My Scope of Work Includes:
(but is not limited to)
Plumbing Work
Roth's Handyman Service
...Your Professional Handyman
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Backyard Grape Vine Arbor
BEFORE - Front Door Jamb Repair
AFTER - Front Door Jamb Repair
Before                     After  
Door Jamb Repairs
AFTER - Laminate Countertops
BEFORE - Laminate Countertops
Before                           After
Laminate Counterops
BEFORE - Laminate Countertop
AFTER - Laminate Countertop
Kitchen SInk and Faucet
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